Sale conditions

Sale details

Funds received from the token sale will be used primarily for marketing purposes, including the formation of the prize fund that will be drawn within the series of free draws, which will be launched when the KIBO LOTTO platform starts. Also for further platform development – including the upcoming update, development and design of new user interfaces, technical implementation, testing and contract optimization.

The funds will also be directed at expanding the team and for remuneration of Kibo employees, administrative and logistics costs, legal fees and operating expenses for current and future challenges aimed at the effective development of the KIBO LOTTO platform

and promotion
and operating
Contingencies 15%

As part of the sale, we offer 2 token options, KIBO PLATFORM and KIBIT (KBT), each with its own features. Read more about token features here. Tokens are purchased directly from your gaming platform control panel, simple registration form. Your personal online account will show the full statistics of all transactions and the number of draws played by players on your platform. Commission charges will be paid out through your account. All transactions and commissions accruing from the daily turnover generated on your platform are transparent and you can easily check them.

Kibo tokens emission.


This is one of 350 million tokens issued by the company, among which 14 % of the turnover generated on the KIBO LOTTO platforms worldwide will be divided on a daily basis. As part of the marketing strategy at the crowd-sale stage, 100 million KBT are put on sale, and they will incorporate 4 % of platform turnover. These are 28.5 % of all issued Kibo tokens

The remaining 250 million are owned by the development team and will form the company's revenue. You can find more information about the allocation percentage on all platform operations, as well as the prize fund formation and other accruals in our WHITE PAPER.

Sales conditions

KIBIT cost will increase with the sale development. This means that the first participants get more KIBIT for less ETH.

The minimum initial KIBIT purchase is 100 ETH and includes 5,000 KBT when the sale starts. After purchasing the initial minimum KBT package, you can additionally buy any amount of tokens for 1 ETH or more.

First 4 days 50 KIBIT/1ETH
Next 5 days 40 KIBIT/1ETH
Next 10 days 35 KIBIT/1ETH
Next 10 days 30 KIBIT/1ETH
Next 11 days 25 KIBIT/1ETH

You can only purchase tokens if you have the Kibo Platform, which costs 10 ETH. If you do not have the platform when you purchase tokens, the cost of the platform will be automatically added to the cost of the first KBT token purchase.

KIBO Platform

This is a game platform in more than 14 languages that includes an intuitive control panel and mechanism to attract and retain clients. By becoming a KIBO PLATFORM owner, you can participate in the powerful promotion that will be launched at the start of KIBO LOTTO, which aims to help every platform owner quickly build up their client bases. All conditions of the platform operation and commission payouts are guaranteed by a smart contract and cannot be changed by anyone. 20,000 platforms are put on sale. They will form an independent Kibo branch network and will be the basis for the first decentralized lotto launch and operation.

Sales conditions

Price 10ETH

The main source of income for KIBO Platform owners is commission of 10 % from the number of tickets sold to all clients on the platform on several levels down. More information about the platform can be found here.

  • From October 1 to November 9, the platform owner will be paid out 10 % from 5 levels of the client base

For example, if you personally attract more than 100 players to the game platform and each of them is motivated by the platform to recommend it to 2 of their friends: Your platform will get.

100 clients on level 1
200 clients on level 2
400 clients on level 3
800 clients on level 4
1600 clients on level 5

Therefore, those partners who joined in the first days of the sale, purchase the platform on more favorable terms. Having put the same effort into attracting the client base, they will receive a client network several times bigger than that of those who joined in the later stages of the sale.

How to purchase

In order to purchase any of the offered Kibo token you need to go through a simple registration and top-up your ethereum wallet balance, which will be automatically created when you first login. After that you can start buying.

KIBO Platform and KIBIT tokens can only be purchased for ETH, but you can replenish your wallet in your account using Bitcoin that will automatically be converted into ETH at the rate specified by the

Please be aware that you can only top-up your balance through for no more than 2 Bitcoin per transaction. If you plan to purchase a large amount of KIBO tokens, you will need to make several transactions, or simply exchange Bitcoin for ETH at any convenient stock exchange and transfer them to your wallet in one transaction to purchase tokens.

Referral program at the ICO stage

Reward for recommendation

One-time payment of 3 ETH. This is paid for each KIBO Platform purchase made by your referral (referral links will be available in your platform's account as soon as you buy it)
It is paid automatically immediately after tokens are purchased

Building your own KIBO branch network

By taking part in promoting the KIBO concept during the pre-sale stage, you can create your own international network of KIBO Lotto affiliates. All KIBO platforms that are purchased through your referral will be regularly chalked up to you in the contract and will become affiliates of your lotto network. After the start you will receive 10 % of revenue from the client base of each such affiliate up to level 7.
These rewards are available only to those who recommended this business model as part of the sale through their referral link