Two types of tokens
will be distributed in an ICO sale.

Take part in the transformation of the lotto market which will soon change, never to be the same again. Together with smart contracts and blockchain technology true accessibility, transparency, and 100% fair play are now becoming part of the social entertainment domain. Join the launch of the first decentralized KIBO Lotto platform. Join us to contribute to this revolution and launch your own international gambling business.

You can do so in one of two ways

KIBO is a decentralized organization

A decentralized organization differs fundamentally from the classical model of cooperation where you need to trust people whose intentions you have no way of knowing.

A KIBO organization builds on the most recent smart contract technology,
ased on the Еthereum computing platform. This means that terms and conditions of cooperation and remuneration
rules are hardwired into the so-called smart contract and can be changed or deleted by no one
By ensuring 100% transparency and guaranteed fair play, we have developed a platform that provides
the securest possible support for developing your business that has ever existed.
The security system is built around having no central server as a single failure on such a
unit could disrupt the operation of the whole platform. This means that if the KIBO team cease to
exist some time in the future, your KIBO Lotto will continue to operate as usual.

Your own Lotto Platform

Surely, we can develop a global, uniform, international lotto only if there is a distributed affiliate network in place all over the globe.    

To ensure a highly efficient launch and steady growth of KIBO we have designed a high-power marketing strategy ,
a component of which is a platform best suited for launching one's own lotto  
platform for everybody who joins us at the crowdsale stage.  

KIBO Platform is the foundation of a uniform, international lotto as part of a global, independent,
affiliate network that is fully protected against third-party interventions. 

What is KIBO Platform? 

The number of platforms is limited to 20 000 

  • 2,500 already have owners - these are affiliates from more than 20 countries that joined
    us at the early stage of development;  
  • 17,500 platforms will be distributed in the upcoming sales.  

The price of the KIBO platform software is 10ЕТН  

KIBO Platform is a decentralized gambling platform with an intuitive interface in 14 languages, with a number of
unique advantages over existing players on the market. A complete solution with a kit of marketing tools to attract customers to your platform. 

The affiliate program terms and conditions incorporated in the KIBO software allow a platform
owner to generate income from several sources. 


Income from tickets sold 

Income from tickets sold is income in the form of 10% of each lottery ticket
purchased on your platform, by all users down to level 5.


Building one's own network of KIBO affiliates

By taking part in advancing the KIBO concept during the pre-sale stage, you can create your own international network of KIBO Lotto affiliates.

All KIBO platforms that are purchased through your referral will be regularly chalked up to you in the contract and will become affiliates of your lotto network. After the launch you will receive 10% of the profit from the customer base generated from each such affiliate down to level 7.

Available only to those who referred this business model during the sale via their referral link.


ICO Referral Program

One-time payment of 3 ETH. To be paid only during the sale period if any KIBO tokens have been purchased through your referral.
Available as a one-time payment for a personal referral only.

Complete Operational Stats

The number of users using your platform, the rate of played draws and daily turnover fees are displayed in your online office. All operations are transparent and you can easily verify them in the KIBO platform open-source code.

To raise funds to finance the marketing strategy and further development of the KIBO platform,
100 000 000 Kibo tokens will be distributed in an ICO sale.

of the turnover on the platform
KIBO LOTTO worldwide
daily spread
equal proportions
between 100 million . KBT


In addition to the platform KIBIT TOKENS (KBT) will be distributed.
KIBO Lotto - tokens are similar to preferred shares of a company
with the terms of dividend distribution protected
by a smart contract.

This is equivalent to a situation where together with a
ready business model, in which the size of your profit
depends on your efforts, you receive company shares which will
bring you revenue, provided the platform does well, the value
of which is proportionate to the profits the company makes.

According to the terms and conditions laid down in
the contract, 4% of turnover generated by gamers on all KIBO Lotto platforms
will be distributed between the 100,000,000 KBT.
Several thousand affiliates around the globe will grow their customer bases on
a daily basis, increasing the total turnover of the platform and the size of dividends
due on each KIBIT.

Irrespective of the efforts you make, the value of a KIBIT token will grow together with the growth of daily payments.
After the launch of the platform KIBIT TOKEN (KBT) will be traded on the market. Since the number of KBT
is limited it will be possible to buy KBT only if some of the traders put part of their tokens on sale

Purchase limits

KIBO tokens will be distributed with limits on initial purchase.

  • One will be able to buy KIBITS starting from 5000 KBT = 100 ETH at the start of the sale.
    After the initial purchase any number can be purchased additionally.
  • You can only purchase tokens if you have the Kibo Platform, which costs 10 ETH. If you do not have the platform when you purchase tokens, the cost of the platform will be automatically added to the cost of the first KBT token purchase.