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KIBO is the first ever decentralized Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract-based lotto.

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What is KIBO?

How KIBO was born or some visualization aid

We have always believed that humanity deserves transparency, openness, and fair play as basic values.
Ever since the Blockchain technology was developed we have been really impressed by what it has to offer. With our many years of experience in entertainment content development, we could not but notice a technology that removes all key shortcomings that gamers across the world have to face today.

Blockchain and smart contracts are not only second to none in solving end user's problems but also ensure 100% security and fair play in creating an independent affiliate network governed by a smart contract.

This is how KIBO originated – the first decentralized lotto that makes it possible to develop collectively owned social games. By joining the efforts of our team, we were able to commence development in June 2015.

KIBO Advantages

A lottery is the most popular game in the world.
More than 50% of the population in developed countries play lottos on a regular basis. However, a traditional lottery has a number of shortcomings which affect every participant without exception

KIBO LOTTO offers a new approach to the organization and holding of lottos. Thanks to Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology, we have eliminated key shortcomings in the most popular social gaming entertainment on earth.

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How do you attract millions of users to the new platform quickly?

One of the key elements in launching KIBO Lotto is a unique development strategy that includes a powerful marketing tool for quickly attracting to and retaining users on every KIBO user's platform.

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How to join KIBO

There will be two kinds of tokens that we are going to distribute as part of our future sales.


A limited number of distributed KIBO affiliates will become the basis for launching and running the first decentralized lotto.

KIBO Platform gives you an opportunity to take part in a global start and to launch your own 14-language gaming platform, whose terms and conditions are laid down in a smart contract and can be modified by no one.

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The tokens are used to scale the development and implementation of the marketing strategy, aimed at KIBO's rapid and powerful growth.

As part of the ICO, 100,000,000 KIBIT tokens will be up for grabs, between which, following the launch of the platform, 4% of the turnover generated by KIBO Lotto affiliates all over the globe will be distributed.

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We've come a long way

Our team strictly follows the roadmap. 2,500 platforms in 20 countries will already participate in the launch

Today, the key problem of any service or product is the need to have a large user base at the start of the project. As we have had this problem in mind since the very start of working on KIBO, we have made the solution of the problem a priority task.

Apart from code writing, during the preparation for the launch we began implementing a marketing strategy and have since done a lot of work in popularizing the concept of launching the KIBO platform around the globe. We currently have followers in more than 20 countries, including China, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and India.

There are over 2,500  platform owners , who will take part in the launch. These are entrepreneurs with a direct financial interest, who share KIBO's philosophy and prospects.

Today we already have our first funds, totaling
94538 ETH 0x38355ab2667eD167CaDcD132603bc6236c8295de for further work on the KIBO platform and launching the start promotion campaign, whose aim is to help each platform owner quickly build a customer base. Take a look at our roadmap and see how far we have traveled thus far.


The idea takes shape.

The development process is launched Ongoing work to form a general concept for the development of the company and KIBO Lotto platform marketing strategy

June 2015

First stage starts

The platform beta version is launched Work begins on creating a distributed network of affiliates across the globe.

Platform owners gain access to the beta and several games on the KIBO Lotto platform. KIBO Lotto.

20 October 2015

Marketing strategy testing

Over 800 KIBO platform owners take part in testing the marketing tool that is fundamental to KIBO development
In 7 days the customer network, solely through effort of affiliates, without customer motivation and accompanying marketing tools, grows more than 10-fold.

2 January 2016

Affiliate Congress in Singapore

First Platform Owner Forum in Singapore to sum up intermediary results
Over 1000 entrepreneurs from more than 12 countries are already KIBO Platform owners and are well-placed to commence the rapid development of their customer network using the power of a single marketing tool.

20 January 2016

First stage completion

An international conference of KIBO affiliates is held in Almaty to review the outcomes of successful completion of Stage 1. As part of the KIBO Lotto launch strategy

14 May 2016

Stage 2 start

Central KIBO Lotto platform contract is launched

The affiliates gain access to the new interface, other contracts are in the process of finalization, and testing and review of the platform code are performed. The process of familiarizing a larger audience with the KIBO concept commences and preparations are ongoing for the forthcoming token sale. The goal of the sale is to reinforce our positions across all lines and ensure an even stronger foundation for further development and launch of KIBO on the international market.

23 July 2016

KIBOLOTTO Platform Launch

We plan to launch KIBO Platform this winter
A high-power promotional campaign will last several months and will be an integral part of the launch. Thousands of KIBO PLATFORM owners all over the globe will start attracting users to their platforms using the power of a single marketing tool.

Winter 2016

Building an infrastructure based on achieved results

KIBO is the basis for organizational development on the still young but immense market of opportunities, all thanks to the blockchain technology. After we have built our customer base, we have a clear vision of our further development based on the goals currently attained.


What next

We are close to the launch

In the fall we plan to start the open distribution of KIBO tokens to raise additional funds for the scaling, development, and implementation of the marketing strategy. Also, one of the key objectives of the pre-sale is to give everybody who wants it the chance to take part in the KIBO launch and start their own lottery based on a single, decentralized KIBO platform.

By increasing the number of affiliates we plan to achieve an even greater decentralization of the platform and considerably expand the geography of KIBO followers for rapid market release. We are at the concluding stage of development and the working interface is already available.
Code testing and finalization are currently underway.

Our plans for this winter include completing the testing and making the KIBO platform
available for play to the first users, who, just like us, value fair play, transparency, availability, and anonymity.