Maximize your profits

through developing the world's first
Ethereum smart contracts based lottery.


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To platform

First in the world

Kibo has become the world's first smart contact-based gaming Ethereum platform. Thus, Kibo introduced the blockchain technology into the gaming industry together with a new level of transparency and availability of lotto playing from any part of the world.

The decentralized new generation platform combines over 6000 independent lotto offices worldwide, is the first to open the door to easy start of international gaming business for anyone who feels like it.

How does KIBO change the lotto market?

KIBO Lotto offers a new approach to the arrangement and staging of lottery games. Thanks to blockchain technology and Ethereum smart cards we have forever eliminated the most crucial disadvantages of the most popular game in the world.

100% fair play

Bet control, transparent draws and payment of prizes is based on Ethereum smart contract technology, that allows us to completely exclude fraud from the drawing results and guarantees 100% transparent and fair play.

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Playing from any part of the planet

With the use of cryptocurrencies the access to online lotteries has become truly global. KIBO is the first international lottery where even representatives of countries with no banking infrastructure can participate.

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Instant payouts

All KIBO LOTTO prizes are paid automatically paid by smart contract immediately after the drawing. This allows you to get any amount of the prize at once from any part of the world with no additional fees and charges.

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Several reason
to launch your lotto with KIBO.

  • All the conditions of the platform performance are governed by the smart contract and cannot be changed by anyone.
  • Only you can access your money.
  • You earn 10% from each ticket purchased from your platform by any player at 5 levels.
  • The Unified powerful brand covering thousands of lotto offices in 50 countries that form the total jackpot.
  • Multilevel revenue system with opportunities to develop your own international lotto network.

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